@SportsWorldIncAnother beautiful day at Sports World. Wrapping up a great week of encouraging positive choices. #positivechoices http://t.co/Kofjhox2Cx
@SportsWorldIncRT @haleydaddysgirl: met steve grant today he came and spoke about our goals and relationships and sex and drugs and bad stuff .
@SportsWorldIncToday is a good day. It's Friday! Make positive choices and enjoy this day. #positivechoices http://t.co/HCXo9wXh95
@SportsWorldIncRT @DrJeffreyMGreen: Former NFL player Michael Cobb is presenting to @AthenaHigh 9th & 10th graders about making positive choices. http://t…
@SportsWorldIncRT @ATHDRichardson: Michael Cobb talking to our students about the importance of being respectful, being responsible and being productive h…
@SportsWorldIncRT @em_wim: I felt like a shrimp beside Adrian Branch! Thanks for the great presentation to our kids! http://t.co/ougyZwGKAo
@SportsWorldIncWhat is your heart saying? #positivechoices http://t.co/t6jNXVroW8
@SportsWorldIncRT @pndodson: Devon McDonald has 386 mid school students engaged and connected #sportsworld
@SportsWorldIncRT @SOCentralMOFCA: Great week of assemblies and to finish up at Forsyth HS with @jimmiebell @SportsWorldInc is perfect! http://t.co/wStg6m…
@SportsWorldIncRT @FCFBuffalo: Tonight we will have a speaker guest with us. Former WVU Linebacker and NFL player Steve Grant will be... http://t.co/JGas…
@SportsWorldIncRT @BahamasWeekly: Sports World Ministry returns to The Bahamas with Michael Cobb via http://t.co/QEIa3iPU8V - - ... http://t.co/yCTIyrCqUz
@SportsWorldIncRT @ESPNAndyKatz: I know it's hoops season when I'm reunited with my @ESPNU partner of the past nine years. Adrian Branch: http://t.co/JPQz…
@SportsWorldIncRT @renaedozier: Speaking now at GHS...Devon McDonald http://t.co/UfIULgFZ6p
@SportsWorldIncRT @pndodson: Looking forward to sports world speaker Devon McDonald coming to GMS to lift up our student body
@SportsWorldIncRT @ReedsSpringMS: Great message about choices and legacy to students at RSMS today. Thank you Jimmie Bell & FCA http://t.co/Y4RzfuAt34
@SportsWorldIncRT @SOCentralMOFCA: It's great @ReedsSpringMS with @jimmiebell @SportsWorldInc Legacy! You aren't born a winner, you aren't born a loser yo…
@SportsWorldIncRT @BransonJH: "You're not born a winner. You're not born a loser. You're born a chooser." Jimmie Bell, BJH character assembly http://t.co/…

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