@SportsWorldIncRT @AthLifeInc: @DevonMcDonald57, President of @sportsworldinc, Talks about Positive Choices to @PrideBigRed #Lifelete #MoreThan http://t.c…
@SportsWorldIncWhat can you do to think outside the box today? http://t.co/EsCQJcaV8o
@SportsWorldIncRT @RhondaBletner: .@DevonMcDonald57 #NFL plyer delivers positive message at @PrideBigRed @mahon2amanda http://t.co/8ZNxDlPG4E #rstoday htt…
@SportsWorldIncRT @WillardTimes: Former Indianapolis Colt Devon McDonald brought a great message to 7, 8, 9th grades at #Willard High School. See what he…
@SportsWorldIncAre you making your dreams happen? #positivechoices http://t.co/kiyq8VDTWl
@SportsWorldIncWhat are you doing to create good habits? Do you have any good tips for us? #positivechoices http://t.co/lRGOpzTMH4
@SportsWorldInc.@indyindians donated 4 box seats to auction at our next banquet. Thx for your support. http://t.co/nQxPgZukip http://t.co/z3qZYq1W4A
@SportsWorldIncRT @JohnHopkins417: Awesome week of having @jimmiebell here with @SportsWorldInc speaking to kids across the Springfield area! http://t.c…
@SportsWorldIncWho will you choose to cheer up today? http://t.co/YsblPXuNYK
@SportsWorldIncRT @PottsChassidy: we got to meet football player #@DevonMcDonald57
@SportsWorldIncRT @PrideBigRed: Devon McDonald is here today speaking to our student body about positive choices. #sportsworld #GBR http://t.co/cVIdrZ3Kod
@SportsWorldIncWill you choose to be better today than you were yesterday? #positivechoices http://t.co/fC6SAuf81J
@SportsWorldIncRT @cassiejdeclerc: Here it is Springfield! @SportsWorldInc brought @jimmiebell to the area. Currently speaking at Pipkin!! http://t.co/BJ5…
@SportsWorldIncRT @shelbywhippets: Devon McDonald former linebacker of the Indianapolis Colts speaking to our SMS students about being "born a chooser." h…
@SportsWorldIncRT @belle_g5: Got to meet former NFL player Jimmie Bell today! Thank you for your inspiring words! You were awesome! http://t.co/IM14WxceIa
@SportsWorldIncRT @DougBaldwinJr: "You can allow your failures to either retire you, or inspire you..." I know what Imma do.. Tuesday #Blessings http://t.…
@SportsWorldIncRT @RochelleMayhorn: @RochelleMayhorn ENCOURAGING positive choices EQUIPPING students for transformation EMPOWERING them for success
@SportsWorldIncRT @B1GLLL: Happy 51st Birthday to @TerrapinHoops alum Adrian Branch. He finished his career at Maryland's second-leading scorer.
@SportsWorldIncThanks @IndyEleven for donating this great looking scarf for our banquet on 2/21/15 featuring @TonyDungy http://t.co/pWcetH1iN4

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