@SportsWorldIncLast minute shopping? Get your sports fan some tickets to our Choose to Win banquet #tonydungy http://t.co/HfGHUupeuE http://t.co/MzpX4KHivZ
@SportsWorldIncThese students have big dreams! They need someone to encourage them to go after them. #CommentOfTheDay http://t.co/qXS7yfQq54
@SportsWorldIncThese students have big hearts and want to do what they can for others. #CommentOfTheDay http://t.co/CST1uCtKV4
@SportsWorldInc.@DevonMcDonald57 spoke words of encouragement to Oak Glen students and made it in their local newspaper. http://t.co/dFXgY65Xzx
@SportsWorldIncRT @ACwishtv: @DevonMcDonald57 thanks man. I thought your speech was outstanding! Keep making a difference bro!
@SportsWorldIncHow awesome is it that our pros get to share their personal stories with youth all over the nation! #CommentOfTheDay http://t.co/9hmIRkkItI
@SportsWorldIncThese students go through so much! Thanks for helping us impact their lives. #CommentOfTheDay http://t.co/8lV78o93HE
@SportsWorldIncMarcus Mariota, this year's Heisman winner, was offered a scholarship to one school. Follow your dreams! http://t.co/VNthDYiqAg
@SportsWorldIncThese kids experience some tough times. We get to be there to help them though it. #CommentOfTheDay http://t.co/eRvl7lGJCv
@SportsWorldIncDon't let fear stand in the way of your goals and your dreams. #positivechoices #MotivationMonday http://t.co/8yfX4EvEOR
@SportsWorldIncYou can change the world! #CommentOfTheDay http://t.co/OXK8beh43h
@SportsWorldIncYou can do anything you put work into. #CommentOfTheDay http://t.co/gaxmqOVQB5
@SportsWorldIncChanged lives are happening! Such an awesome thing to see. #CommentOfTheDay http://t.co/sQINg2MAAx
@SportsWorldIncRT @thejeffneal: I am so blessed! Yesterday I was speaking at schools in Iowa. Today I am preaching at a jail in Michigan. http://t.co/t7K8…
@SportsWorldIncRT @afieldsitworks: @ACwishtv Marion County HS Football Awards @IndyKiwanis @SportsWorldInc http://t.co/o1kQ1aQxbl
@SportsWorldIncRT @afieldsitworks: @IndyKiwanis Marion county HS football awards with keynote Devon McDonald @SportsWorldInc http://t.co/dCG9uSh0GZ
@SportsWorldInc#CommentOfTheDay comes from 9th grader in Oklahoma. #DontGiveUp http://t.co/YFqNceVgKY
@SportsWorldIncThe @indianafever were awesome enough to donate this autographed notebook for our Choose To Win… http://t.co/OeFrPISfrH
@SportsWorldIncToday's #CommentOfTheDay comes from a student in Arkansas. http://t.co/Ozknhe7VIv
@SportsWorldIncRT @HEELJAY1: Got an autograph from Lee Rouson! He's awesome http://t.co/cYLKVvXuLV

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