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A Look Inside A Unique Outreach

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A Look Inside a Unique Outreach

Charity OutreachOver the past several years, I have had the privilege of meeting many Sports World teams and Team Captains all across the US. Each Outreach is unique, and the Father works in incredible ways through His people. I am so thankful to be a part of this powerhouse group who impact students and faithfully challenge them with the Message of Hope!

Although each trip is different, one recent outreach stands out. Dan Kessler of Langhorne, PA served as the Team Captain. Dan’s approach was different, and I was honestly a bit skeptical at first. All our programs were scheduled to take place in private schools. Personally, I relish the opportunity to take Good News to those who do not have much exposure to the Truth: prisons, inner city schools, athletic groups, and Boys and Girls Clubs are some of my favorite places to share.

As a private school attendee myself, I know the apathy that can develop in these arenas. I am so very thankful for my own schooling and the Biblical foundation provided; however, many private school students (at least in their own minds) have “heard it all before”.

Needless to say, the thought of speaking in private schools all week seemed like a daunting task. Most schools on the schedule were Catholic; one was Protestant.

Just two weeks prior to the Langhorn trip, fellow Pro Speaker, Michael Cobb, dropped in on the Mansfield, OH outreach. He attended a private school assembly where I spoke and challenged me to give a compelling invitation in these settings.

Taking Michael’s advice, following Dan’s leadership in Langhorn and trusting the Father for wisdom, I did just that in PA. The outcome was absolutely astounding!

I challenged students with my typical outline: Passion, Perspective and Purpose. We always discuss Passion in the schools: a strong feeling or emotion that can be both positive and negative. “To be successful, we must learn to make decisions based on things that are true, rather than based on our feelings in the moment,” I say to them.

In the private school setting, with complete freedom to share, I began to ask students, “How, then, do we know what is true? How do we determine truth?” It blew me away that in most schools, “the Bible” was not mentioned as an answer at all. I began to explain absolute Truth and understanding our true Purpose in Jesus. I shared with them that my Passion, Perspective and Purpose are rooted in a relationship with Jesus Christ and that I wanted that same freedom for them. I shared a short plan of salvation and lead each group in prayer.

Literally hundreds of private school students (and staff) professed Christ that week! The Spirit just moved in huge ways!

After the trip, I revealed in confidence to our President and absolute servant-leader, Devon McDonald, that my husband and I are expecting a baby. This trip fell in the first trimester and the most difficult time for me physically. Before every assembly that week I wondered how I would make it through a 45 minute program. I felt I could barely stand at times, much less speak with power and conviction.

Then, in school after school after school the Lord just showed up. Devon’s response to me: “Charity, God was just getting you out of the way.” How true! I had nothing to give. In our weakness He truly is strong. When we are faithless, He is faithful.

“I am so thankful to be a part of this ministry. If you want to get people involved, take them to an outreach.”
-Dan Kessler, Team Captain

I praise our loving Father for the work He chose to do through us that week. I thank Him for Dan Kessler and his vision. I say “thank you Lord” for all those across this nation who support this organization called Sports World. He is using us all to reach the seemingly unreachable, to love the sometimes unlovable and to shine light in the darkness.

I hope we will all get out of the way and let Him show up in God-sized ways.

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