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A Message from the President & CEO

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Devon_Headshot_UpdatedSticking to Our Vision

It is that time of year again, football is being played at every level, from Pee Wee to Professional and all the emotions are on displayed from delights to disappointments. One thing all these teams have in common is that they have a vision of what they want to accomplish this year. The delights come when they are moving in the direction of their vision and the disappointments come when they move away from it. In my playing days I have been on both sides of this emotional spectrum of going towards the vision and then going away from it.

God blessed Sports World ministries with a visionary founder like Doc Eshleman who gave God’s vision to Sports World Ministries. We have also been on both sides of this emotional spectrum in respect to our vision. Today our effort is to continuously move in the direction of the vision, which is having a presence on every available school campus, encouraging and challenging students through the message of Hope. We are a seed planting ministry who always seeks to pass the baton to local groups for discipleship and Christian mentorship.
This year our theme is taken from Proverbs 29:18, which says, “where there is no vision people perish.” This year our goal is to plant the seeds of Christ to over 300,000 students and then reach out in the community to pass the baton as much as possible to local groups. God has given us an awesome program, similar to the VIP program, called Adopt-A-School. Through these programs, we are able to have better access to the schools, more funding and people to connect us to these groups. God has made it easy. When we don’t do His vision, we will not receive the provision the way He intended but when we do, we will see great provision.

Praying God’s Best for You,

Devon McDonald

2 thoughts on “A Message from the President & CEO

  1. Dan Frisby, Principal says:

    We have had several speakers out, including Devon, and truly appreciate their message and the time they spent with our kids. We would certainly be open to hosting them again. Great message and great job!

  2. You made an awesome impression
    On the youth in Cleveland. Thank you for serving.

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