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Region 3 Outreaches

POSTED ON March 22nd, 2014  - POSTED IN Southwest Region

“Last year some kid gave me weed in a pen. . . I was gonna do it, but I decided I’m better than that so I gave it back. . . the high schooler that gave it to me gets it from his Mom for doing chores and buys him alcohol—he is messed up.”

The child that wrote the above comment is why I continue to press towards the goal of sharing a positive message of Hope with students across this Nation!  Innocence is being lost every day and children are struggling to hold on in homes where parents are abandoning their roles as loving, caring mentors who will teach them how to succeed in life.  The need to reach out and touch lives, to give students hope, is greater than ever before.  Please call and find out how you can help to make a difference in your community today.

Contact: Jean Sample,

Region 3 Outreaches

POSTED ON January 11th, 2014  - POSTED IN Southwest Region

Region 3 Outreaches
We have started the outreaches in Region 3 last week!  Charity Butler spent the week sharing with the children of Marion County and what a tremendous impression she made on them!  Her talk focus’s on three points:  1)  Passion 2) Perspective and 3)  Purpose!  She held the students attention for 35 minutes talking with them about having passion and realizing that perspective can change at any given moment.  She encouraged them to seek purpose in their own lives as they grew into adulthood.  No matter what age group she shared with, she held each audience in the palm of her hand. . . it was just amazing to see the response!  We are still in the process of scheduling assemblies in our area. . . call or email today to see how you can help a pro to come to your area or speak to your students!