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Real Testimonials

High School Administrators

“Phenomenal! I feel energized and ready to face some of life’s challenges head-on. What a great presentation. Thank you for sharing your words of wisdom with our students!” – Kerry, 12th grade teacher

“Awesome presentation. I really appreciate the strong focus on the greater spiritual picture and on our identity. Thank you for the encouragement and reminder to our students to search for and keep their focus on their true identity.: – Mike, 12th grade teacher

“You brought tears to my eyes! Very inspirational and helped me see what I need to do to make myself and my students a better person.” – Kendra, 10th grade teacher


Middle School Administrators

“You are great! Our students really need to hear this. I was watching the student’s faces as the Pro spoke and I could tell they were taking in what was being said and I pray they use it. Thank you so much for what you do!” – Steve, 8th grade teacher

“Fantastic message! I am so happy that you’ve given our students such wonderful advise.” – Jeannie, 6th grade teacher

Wow! I was moved by the speaker. I know that all our students were encouraged, are wiser, and will hopefully CHOOSE to make wiser decisions. His message was able to reach our students…truly amazing!” – Assistant High School Principal

 In 14 years of education, I’ve heard a number of people come and speak…mostly about making choices. The Sport World Pro tops the list of them all combined. He put it on the kids’ level. ALL the kids were attentive! The football card is something to help kids remember, plus the testimony is an added bonus. I’ve had a couple of other teachers come up to me and say that it was great, that has never happened in 14 years of teaching…”– High School Huddle Leader

 You were able to connect with our 6th grade students on topics that are very important and meaningful while using true stories and participation to keep them focused. I appreciate your dedication to our young students. They are at a transition point in their life and making good choices, not succumbing to negative peer pressure, and maintaining a positive relationship with their parents/guardians is vital.” – Middle School Guidance Counselor


School Administrators

“Really loved the Pro’s ability to connect with our students and help influence them to make positive choices, not just now but for in the future.” – Johnathan, school administrator at Putnam High School in Oklahoma City, OK

“I appreciated the way the Pros communicate with our students. They do an excellent job making it a learning experience”. – Kent, principal at Tyler Consolidated High School in Sistersvielle, NV


“This assembly was amazing because now I understand how to stop bullying.” – Deseray, 6th grade student, Carey, NC

“Before this assembly, I never realized my importance in other people’s lives.” – Aaron, 11th grade student, Lancaster, PA

“My family has been greatly affected by drugs and suicide, and your presentation makes me feel like I don’t have to go down the same path as my family.” – Teagan, 10th grade

“I get bullied a lot but I know now to ignore it even thought it breaks my heart. Thank you for the advice.” –Olivia, 6th grade

Your message was very inspirational to me. It has helped me to keep pushing for straight A’s, and my achievements in basketball, golf, and tennis. Your story was very powerful and had much determination.” –Jasmine, 9th grade

“Sports World helped me realize my importance in other people’s lives.” – Aaron, 11th grade student, Lancaster, PA

“Thanks to Sports World, I can now see that everyone has a purpose.” – Emma, 8th grade student, Louisville, KY

“Drugs and alcohol do not give you peace; Jesus Christ gives you peace.” – Merritt, 5th grade student, Ocala, FL

“Our scars remind us of where we’ve been, but they don’t control our futures.” – Alaina, 9th grade student, Topeka, KS