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Haunting Facts about Alcohol Abuse and Halloween

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Orig Post preventalcoholmisuse.wordpress.com | Repost Sportsworld 10/21/2015

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Halloween is typically seen as the true beginning of the fall and winter holiday season. As many people know, the holidays can be a challenging time of year for some folks. Those who have family dysfunction or those who have lost loved ones are often lonely, depressed, or stressed around the holidays. Some people are stressed due to strapped financial situations and feel added pressure to spend money during the holidays. All of these pressures can lead people to abuse alcohol and other drugs when the holiday season starts up. Since Halloween is the first up, we are going to discuss some haunting facts about Halloween Alcohol Abuse and ways to keep yourself and children safe.

1. Halloween, a night when small children are out trick-or-treating, sees an increase in drunk drivers. In 2008, 58% of all driving fatalities on Halloween night involved drunk drivers. (Source)

2. Because Halloween is a social holiday for most people, there is a greater possibility of being exposed to alcohol at parties and gatherings. This can lead to an increase in drinking and subsequently impaired driving.

3. Most people do not plan ahead for safe travel on Halloween night.

MADD.org shares the stories of Jean Dyess and Jessica Fraire to help inspire people to remember the dangers of alcohol abuse on Halloween. Please read them and pass them along to your friends so that they can be more sober-minded about the upcoming holiday.

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