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Region 4 Outreaches

POSTED ON March 22nd, 2014  - POSTED IN Mid-Atlantic Region

Region 4 has just completed its last outreach of the fall in the OVAC area and Beckley WV.  By the favor of the Lord we were able to be in 14 different areas of a 5state region. Michigan, Ohio, WV, KY and Tenn.  All had successful events and outreaches and many young people were able to hear and be challenged by the Message of Hope.

We are working hard as we move closer to the spring. As of right now we have set up outreaches and events with the OVAC Banquet in April. All of the support and team effort by everyone has made this year a blessing.

I have received many compliments about our Pros and how they are gifted in impacting lives. This is always a team effort and without the support of caring people like you we would not be Sports World. Thank you!

If you are interested in having a Sports World speaker in your area please let me know and I will explain the set up and work towards having the Message of Hope delivered to the young people in your area schools.

All children need to be educated about issues they are facing today, not only from one they may be experiencing but one they need to prepare themselves for. Please continue to support the efforts of Sports World as we try to make a positive change in the lives of our young people.

Contact: Mark A. Lovely, mlovely@sportsworld.org

Region 3 Outreaches

POSTED ON March 22nd, 2014  - POSTED IN Southwest Region

“Last year some kid gave me weed in a pen. . . I was gonna do it, but I decided I’m better than that so I gave it back. . . the high schooler that gave it to me gets it from his Mom for doing chores and buys him alcohol—he is messed up.”

The child that wrote the above comment is why I continue to press towards the goal of sharing a positive message of Hope with students across this Nation!  Innocence is being lost every day and children are struggling to hold on in homes where parents are abandoning their roles as loving, caring mentors who will teach them how to succeed in life.  The need to reach out and touch lives, to give students hope, is greater than ever before.  Please call and find out how you can help to make a difference in your community today.

Contact: Jean Sample, jsample@sportsworld.org

Region 2 Outreaches

POSTED ON March 22nd, 2014  - POSTED IN Midwest Region

We have had a fantastic season this fall in region 2 beginning with some very strong outreaches in Iowa.  The response to Jimmie Bell in the Cedar Rapids area was outstanding, even having the local television news come out to do a story on the impact that Sports World is having. One of the other highlights of the fall was having Steve Grant not only speak in the schools in the Melrose Park area but for him to be able to speak to the staff at the local Millwood plant.  Terra haute, Indiana continues to be a very strong area for Sports World outreaches.  This Spring we are already planning outreaches in Iowa, Illinois, Indiana and Wisconsin.  If you are a parent, student, teacher, administrator and you would like to talk with us about how you can help bring Sports World to your area just click here.

Contact: Ralph Roller, rroller@sportsworld.org

The Perfect Outreach

POSTED ON January 11th, 2014  - POSTED IN Southeast Region

Sometimes the organization for having an outreach in a community may seem like “ the perfect storm”, but when it all comes together it is a fantastic experience for everyone involved.  I feel we recently experienced “The Perfect Outreach” in Region 1.  The setting was Martinsville, Virginia.  The local team did an outstanding on an outreach which ended just last week.  The three ingredients to this perfect outreach were a full speaking schedule for the pro, a full budget being raised, and a full student count at each of the assemblies.  This resulted in over 6,418 Senior High and Middle School students listening to a Sports World pro share personal stories and experiences about making right choices and recognizing the consequences of those choices while also challenging them with the Message of Hope.

Martinsville has brought the Sports World program into their community’s schools every spring and fall for the last 3 years—6 outreaches.  The pros have spoken to 31,405 students!  Wow!!  Wouldn’t you like to have an impact like that in your area schools?  Just give me a call to discuss how together we can make this happen.

Del R. Palmer
321-220-1031 office
321-213-3754 cell

Region 3 Outreaches

POSTED ON January 11th, 2014  - POSTED IN Southwest Region

Region 3 Outreaches
We have started the outreaches in Region 3 last week!  Charity Butler spent the week sharing with the children of Marion County and what a tremendous impression she made on them!  Her talk focus’s on three points:  1)  Passion 2) Perspective and 3)  Purpose!  She held the students attention for 35 minutes talking with them about having passion and realizing that perspective can change at any given moment.  She encouraged them to seek purpose in their own lives as they grew into adulthood.  No matter what age group she shared with, she held each audience in the palm of her hand. . . it was just amazing to see the response!  We are still in the process of scheduling assemblies in our area. . . call or email today to see how you can help a pro to come to your area or speak to your students!