Lynette Irwin - Sports World, INC.

Lynette Irwin

Lynette Irwin
Accounting Clerk (Part Time)

In May 2009, Lynette Irwin started working at Sports World. Lynette handles the Administration and Human Resources needs of Sports World. After being referred by an employment agency, Lynette caught the passion for reaching students across the country. “I love that Sports World tells students they can make positive choices that will impact the rest of their lives,” said Lynette.

Before coming to Sports World, Lynette worked in the accounting department for WTTV and in the traffic department for WTTV/WXIN. In addition to working at Sports World, Lynette also currently works as a Regional Account Manager for Comcast Spotlight.

Lynette holds an Associate’s degree in Accounting from Butler University. She has two boys, ages 20 and 21. In her spare time, Lynette enjoys reading and sitting on the beach – preferably at the same time.