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Adrian Branch

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Adrian Branch

Height: 6’8”        Weight: 215 lbs

Position: Guard/Forward

College: University of Maryland

Honors: 3rd All-time leading scorer at U of MD; 2 time all ACC Selection; 2 time Honorable Mention All American; Won World Championship with L.A. Lakers, 1987

Pro Career: L.A. Lakers, 1986-87; N.Y. Nets, 1987; Portland Trail Blazers, 1988-89; Minnesota Timberwolves, 1989

Personal Story: I was raised in a close, hardworking home. For the majority of my life, I thought being a “good person” was enough to satisfy a Holy God. In truth, living with my pride would make me susceptible to: “Gold, Gals and Glory!” When I confessed Jesus as Lord, I was becoming clean on the inside and out. Taking life one day at a time in faith truly assures me I am a “ World Champion!”