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Chip Minton

Chip Minton
Chip Minton

Height: 6’1”        Weight: 270 lbs

Position: Bobsled


CanAmerican Champions, 1992

World Cup Silver Medal Cortina, Italy, 1995

World Championships Bronze Medal St. Moritz, Switzerland, 1996

World Cup Gold Medal Winterburg, Germany, 1996 & 1997

World Cup Gold Medal, Nagano, Japan, 1996 & 1997

Inducted into Macon, GA Sports Hall of Fame

Pro Career:

Olympic Bobsled Team, 1994 & 1998

World Cup Bobsled Team, 1992-1993 & 1996-1997

WCW Wrestling, 1994-1999

Personal Story: 

The first 33 years of my life I tried to find peace and purpose for my existence. I thought being an athlete would bring me joy. I competed as a bodybuilder during my teenage years and won many trophies. It was awesome but the peace I was looking for still eluded me. I competed on the USA Olympic Bobsled Team. It was an incredible dream come true but I still felt empty inside. I then became a pro wrestler for WCW. Again an incredible dream come true but I still fell short. The void in my life at that time was overwhelming. I turned to drugs and alcohol. As the road of self-destruction increased in my life so did the consequences. It took hitting rock bottom and making the choice to live for something more to turn my life around. After that decision, the desire of my heart changed and for the first time I felt true peace and purpose in my life.