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Devon McDonald

Devon McDonaldDevon McDonald Indianapolis Colts

HEIGHT: 6’5″       WEIGHT: 245

POSITION: Outside Linebacker

COLLEGE: University of Notre Dame

HONORS: Colts Special Team Player of the Year, 1994; “Unsung Hero of the Year” by the Colts fans, 1993;  MVP of Cotton Bowl, 1993; All-American Honorable Mention, 1992; University of Notre Dame Team Captain, 1992; National Champion, University of Notre Dame, 1988

PRO CAREER: Indianapolis Colts, 1993–95; Arizona Cardinals, 1995–96; Tampa Bay Storm, 2000–02

PERSONAL STORY: For the first 26 years of my life, I wondered why I was created. Even though I had graduated from Notre Dame and was playing in my 4th year in the NFL, my life felt worthless. To deal with these feelings, I got drunk, smoked, lied, cheated, and more. But these things only dragged me further into hopelessness. I had thoughts of suicide as an option to end my problems, but one night I realized I needed to make a change. That change was to invite Jesus into my life and have a growing relationship with Him. With Christ I know how to deal with trials and temptations and be victorious over them. Today I no longer wonder about the purpose for my life. I am married with a family and my desire is to give to others what has been given to me: Hope!