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Herman Weaver

Herman WeaverHerman Weaver Seattle Seahawks Punter

Height: 6’4”        Weight: 220 lbs

Position: Punter

College: University of Tennessee

HonorsNFC Punter of the Year, Detroit Lions, 1975; “One of the top-20 punters of all time” Sporting News, 1988

Pro CareerDetroit Lions, 1970 – 76; Seattle Seahawks, 1977 – 80

Personal Story: As a high schooler, I was searching for something to fill the emptiness I felt in my life. So, I gave in to peer pressure and used alcohol because I thought it would impress others and fill the emptiness. When I became a pro football player, I thought that all the money, glamour, and attention would satisfy, but inside I was still miserable. My search ended when I met a man who explained to me that only God could fill my emptiness. Since I asked the Lord to come into my life, He has given me true happiness and fulfillment. With His help, I now have the strength to say no to things that are wrong and make positive choices.