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Jimmie Bell

Jimmie Bell Ohio StateJimmie Bell

Height: 6’6”        Weight: 265 lbs

Position: Defensive Line

College: The Ohio State University

HonorsRose Bowl Champion, Ohio State University, 1997 Two-time Big Ten Champion

Pro Career: New York Giants, 1999; Frankfort Galaxy, 2000; Berlin Thunder, 2000; San Diego Chargers, 2000

Personal Story: Every day, I think about what kind of a legacy I will leave when I die. Life circumstances were rough for me growing up and my life had become one obstacle after another. However, through a personal relationship with God, I have found hope. My choices may have not always been the best or right, but God has helped me through. My prayer is that I will be remembered not for what I have done, but how through my relationship with God, I was able to overcome life’s challenges and thrive.