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Lee Rouson

Lee RousonLee Rouson New York Giants

Height: 6’2”        Weight: 250 lbs

Position: Running Back

College: University of Colorado

Honors: Freshman All-Big Eight, University of Colorado, 1981; All-Big Eight Honorable Mention, University of Colorado Blue-Grey All Star Classic NFL Special Team Player of the Year, New York Giants, 1986; Two-time Super Bowl Champion, New York Giants, 1987 & 1990

Pro Career: New York Giants, 1985 – 91; Cleveland Browns, 1991-92

Personal Story: Throughout my life, I have made good choices, and I have made bad choices. The times that I made good, positive choices, my heart was in the right place, but I always did it for the wrong reasons. I also made bad choices based on fear and selfishness, and I suffered difficult consequences as a result. Then, I decided to put my full trust in God, and it has made all the difference. Now, I not only make positive choices for the right reasons, but I know I have a purpose when I place all of my trust in God.