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Todd Jadlow

Todd JadlowTodd Jadlow IU basketball

Height: 6’9”        Weight: 235 lbs

Position: Forward

College: Barton County Junior College, Indiana University


NCAA National Champion Indiana University, 1987

Big 10 Champion Indiana University 1987, 1989

Author of Jadlow: On the Rebound

Pro Career: 12 year national/international professional basketball career

Personal Story: Growing up in a small town in Kansas, I always knew I was a little different and didn’t quite fit in – until I found sports. After starting to excel in basketball, all of a sudden I was treated like a normal guy. At that time, I had dreams of becoming a professional basketball player – but for all the wrong reasons. I played professional basketball for 12 years after playing four years under Coach Bob Knight at Indiana University. Not being a grounded person, as my pro career soared, I found myself living a life of excess which included indulging in drugs and alcohol, and thought I was living my dream. Little did I know, that years later, those evils would nearly cost me my life and cause me to lose my freedom. Now I share my story and my road to recovery with the hope of making a difference in someone’s life.