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Meet Our Summer Intern, Hunter Orme

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Hunter Blog pic“My name is Robert Hunter Orme, but I go by my middle name Hunter. The reason I tell people my full name is because I have to write Robert on all of my legal and school documents.” This is how I introduce myself to just about everyone new I meet (in a professional setting) because they are not sure what name to call me. I figured this would also be the perfect way to introduce myself to anybody reading this.



My story is nothing spectacular but is nothing close to boring. I was born in Greenfield, Indiana and raised in Rushville, Indiana. I am a senior at Indiana University while getting a major in sport marketing and management with a minor is business marketing. Like most guys my age interested in sports, I played them at one point or another. Growing up I was pretty athletic, playing four sports during junior high and three during high school. I am about 6’6” 200 pounds right now, but in high school, I was a couple inches shorter and about 30-40 pounds lighter. I was a decent basketball player but always excelled in baseball. From the age of 11, I played travel baseball. I played or practiced the majority of the year for about 7 years, and even more in high school. Hours and hours spent training and practicing for hopes of a D1 scholarship and a chance at eventually getting drafted. To make a very long story short, when I was 16 I had my first surgery on my elbow. When I was 18 I had another, and my dreams were now unattainable. I tried to play at a small D3 college, but I just could not do it anymore because of my lack of arm strength and quit playing for good. I finished the school year there and transferred to IU to continue my education.


Well after all of that craziness I still knew I wanted to do something in sports, and Indianapolis is a great place to be when it comes to being involved in them. Yeah injuries suck and nobody deserves them, but I am not near the first person to have their life altered by injury and I will definitely not be the last. Adaptation is necessary to be successful, so I am starting a new dream. I am sports minded and knew I still wanted to work in sports. I am also very creative and outgoing so I knew sports marketing would be perfect. I worked with the Indianapolis Indians for the 2015 season on game days, which taught me how to deal with fans in various situations, and know a little bit more about everything that goes into a professional sports team. I felt like more personal experience for my profession would be needed, and that caused me to look for an internship for this summer. After looking through many different organizations I connected with Sports World and it felt right. My job is marketing a company that deals with former professional athletes, how cool is that? The reason I felt like Sports World was a great fit for me is because of their goals. They send former professional athletes to schools to speak to students about making positive choices in life, and the athletes have the experience in these areas to where everything they say is on a personal level, making everything they say more relatable. They hit on the subjects of freedom from drug & alcohol abuse, excellence in academics, positive self-esteem and personal values, purposeful living, bullying, and making wise decisions. These are subjects that every person growing up deals with, and the athletes want to give their wisdom in hopes of impacting their lives. They do this starting with our youth by letting them know “You’re not born a winner. You’re not born a loser. You’re born a chooser.”



My job is to assist in marketing and help the public know about our company and our mission. My goals are to learn how real world marketing works (not just slides and notes from a classroom), and how to better myself in this profession by improving my writing ability in the professional work place and working with others in a professional matter. Overall I want to learn everything I can in how to market in this generation so whatever path I take after graduation is more open due to my knowledge in this field.

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