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Memorial Day Letter

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Memorial_Day_ImageWith Memorial Day weekend approaching, everyone here at Sports would like to wish you a safe and relaxing three-day weekend. We know this weekend can be full of excitement, especially here in Indianapolis with the Indianapolis 500 going on. We want to encourage you to make positive choices as you celebrate.

According to the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Administration, on an average day, 519 underage drinkers (under 21) will need treatment in an emergency room after drinking too much – on Memorial Day weekend, this number climbs by 11%, up to 577 emergency room visits per day. This increase in underage drinking may stem from two sources. First, alcohol consumption for adults increases during the holiday weekend which means more accessibility for minors. Secondly, parents and adults may be a little more lax with the rules when it comes to allowing a minor to drink while grilling out or partying with friends and family.

Please help our youth to make positive choices by making positive choices yourself. Our youth are looking for role models and looking at the adults in their lives to fill that role. By demonstrating good decision making, you will help students understand that they can live a life of positive choices. Last year, 31,000 youth made a commitment to be alcohol free after hearing one of our Pro Speakers. We strive to be role models to the youth, but need the participation from all adults if we want to see underage drinking significantly reduced.

Once again, we would like to wish you a fantastic and safe holiday weekend. Don’t forget to take a moment to remember the service men and women who died serving our country.

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