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The Perfect Outreach

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Sometimes the organization for having an outreach in a community may seem like “ the perfect storm”, but when it all comes together it is a fantastic experience for everyone involved.  I feel we recently experienced “The Perfect Outreach” in Region 1.  The setting was Martinsville, Virginia.  The local team did an outstanding on an outreach which ended just last week.  The three ingredients to this perfect outreach were a full speaking schedule for the pro, a full budget being raised, and a full student count at each of the assemblies.  This resulted in over 6,418 Senior High and Middle School students listening to a Sports World pro share personal stories and experiences about making right choices and recognizing the consequences of those choices while also challenging them with the Message of Hope.

Martinsville has brought the Sports World program into their community’s schools every spring and fall for the last 3 years—6 outreaches.  The pros have spoken to 31,405 students!  Wow!!  Wouldn’t you like to have an impact like that in your area schools?  Just give me a call to discuss how together we can make this happen.

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