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The True Meaning of Easter

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Orig. Post March 26, 2015 by Sports World

Jesus and EasterEaster is just around the corner. To many of the students we speak to, Easter brings to mind images of bunnies, eggs, and candy. Those things are good and fun but Sports World brings something even better. We bring the message of Jesus Christ dying on the cross for their sins. Easter is about remembering the sacrifice Jesus made for us all and the forgiveness it brings.

We all fall short at some point in our lives and are in need of forgiveness or another chance. Maybe we’ve hurt someone we love. Maybe we we’re doing things we knew were not healthy. Or maybe we just feel like we aren’t good enough. All of those things, and more, happen to us all at some point. The biggest mistake is to let those failures define us.

Our message to students is that their past doesn’t define them. That is the beauty of this life. We have the freedom to choose. If we choose to dwell on the past, we may find ourselves in a cycle of negative situations. If we choose to find forgiveness and move on, we may find ourselves breaking out of our current cycle and end up chasing our dreams.

Finding forgiveness can be hard at times, but it is necessary if you want to live a more God centered life.

Steps to living in the joy of forgiveness:

Ask for Forgiveness – This can be a very challenging step. It is hard to admit when we are wrong and when we have hurt someone. Asking for forgiveness shows that you understand what you have done and that you want to mend the relationship. Losing the weight of regret can help you see things more positively in your life and relationships. Just know they may not forgive you right away or ever. Don’t hold that against them.

Forgive Yourself and Others – Possibly the hardest thing to do is to forgive yourself but doing so will drastically change your outlook on life. You will see yourself for the person you are instead of the person you may have been.

Receive God’s Forgiveness –  Jesus bore our sins on the cross. He paid our debt in full. When we receive Jesus Christ we get the assurance that God is no longer angry with us.

They say that Rome wasn’t built in a day. You shouldn’t expect to see immediate impact on your life the second you decide to make positive choices, but if you take a new step each day, you will be amazed at where you find yourself down the road.

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