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Is there a charge for the program?
This is a free program to the schools. Sports World is a non-profit 501(c)3 organization which relies on donations from individuals and businesses nationwide to fund our assembly programs. Therefore, Sports World speaking engagements are community sponsored. Sports World actively seeks community partners to cover the charge for school assemblies, but organizations and companies must supply their funds through internal or external cultivation.

If your school has a budget for assemblies, anti-bullying, or drug-free programs, a donation is greatly appreciated. Checks can be made out to Sports World and sent to 1919 South Post Road, Indianapolis, IN 46239. Invoices and other documentation (such as our IRS determination letter) are available upon request. You can also donate online by clicking here.

How long is the program?
Each Pro’s presentation typically lasts about 35-45 minutes. However, programs can be customized to fit your schedule. If schedules allow, the Pro will gladly stay after the assembly for a few minutes to talk, answer questions, and sign autographs.

What grade levels are appropriate for a school assembly?
The Sports World program is suitable for grades 3 through 12. Programs for college-age students are also available. We customize each assembly so it is age-appropriate for its audience.

What size audience is acceptable for an assembly?
Sports World Pros are experienced speakers who can handle any size audience. You should allow as many students, teachers, administrators, and coaches to attend as your facilities allow. Small group presentations can be scheduled, as well.

Can we schedule more than one speaking time?
Yes. It is very common for Pros to speak at two, sometimes even three, separate sessions at a single location.

What does the Pro talk about in an assembly?
Sports World Pros share their personal life experiences with the students, helping them to recognize the consequences of their choices while challenging them with a message of hope. The program’s main theme is: “You’re Not Born a Winner, You’re Not Born a Loser – You’re Born a Chooser!”™
The importance of morals, values, education, and proper decision-making will be stressed throughout the assembly. The Pro will also engage students on the dangers and consequences of drug and alcohol use. The Pro will also share about overcoming and/or avoiding these issues in life. If your school has a particular issue that is more of a concern than others, the Pro can stress that topic during the assembly. Please advise the Pro prior to the assembly and the talk will be tailored accordingly.

What will the Pro need as part of the assembly?
If available, a microphone is recommended. In addition, the Pro will need a computer, projector, and video screen for a PowerPoint presentation. The Pro will provide everything else that is needed, including enough Pro player cards for each person, as well as comment cards to capture feedback.

Can we audio or visually record the Pro’s presentation?
It is Sports World’s policy that the speaker NOT be audio or visually recorded, unless pre-approved in writing through the Sports World national office. Please call 1(800) 832-6546 or complete the speaking request form for more information.

Does the Pro need transportation or directions to our location?
No. A local volunteer who is familiar with your area will accompany our Pro to your location. Our volunteers will also take care of all logistics while the Pro is visiting including housing and meals.

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