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Adrian Branch


HEIGHT: 6’8”


POSITION: Guard/Forward

COLLEGE: University of Maryland

Third all-time leading scorer at University of Maryland
Two-time all-ACC Selection
Two-time Honorable Mention
All American
Won World Championship with L.A. Lakers, 1987

L.A. Lakers, 1986-87
N.Y. Nets, 1987
Portland Trail Blazers, 1988-89
Minnesota Timberwolves, 1989
Spain, France, Australia, Israel, Turkey, 1990-94

I was raised in a close, hardworking home. For the majority of my life, I thought being a “good person” was enough to satisfy a Holy God. In truth, living with my pride would make me susceptible to: “Gold, Gals and Glory!” When I confessed Jesus as Lord, I was becoming clean on the inside and out. Taking life one day at a time in faith truly assures me I am a “ World Champion!”

Ecclesiastes 7:29. “God made man plain and simple but we have made ourselves complicated.”


Sports World Outreach Programs are Provided at No Charge to Schools

To Inspire, Encourage and Empower Today's Youth

Students often lack self esteem and face tremendous peer pressure which may cause them to choose drugs, alcohol or even suicide. We work to see students experience:

  • Place (To belong and be accepted)
  • Purpose (Who am I, why am I here, where am I going)
  • Pain relief (Healing from hurts: physically, emotionally, socially and stop self-medicating)
  • Peace (Anxiety, worry, confusion)
  • Passion (Building confidence as I move forward in life)

Student Comments

Emily 6th Grade, Michigan– “I really learned a lot thank you, You helped me learn how to stand up to my bully”
Madison 5th Grade, Kentucky– “Than you you helped me a lot, I will never forget your story or you”

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