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Carmine Azzato


HEIGHT: 6’6”


POSITION: Professional Wrestler

2 Time World Heavyweight Champion
1 Time Intercontinental Champion
1 Time Television Champion
5 Time World Tag Team Champion

Wrestled Nationally and Internationally
from 1988 – 2011 with several Pro Wrestling organizations
N.W.A., A.W.A., W.W.F., U.W.S., P.W.R., & W.W.W.A.

I always dreamt of becoming an NFL player till I suffered a career ending ankle injury in High School. Shortly after recovering I began my pro wrestling training with W.W.F. Superstar Johnny Rodz. I had my first Pro Wrestling match a month before my 18th birthday. About 15 years later I suffered from another devastating leg injury that knocked me out of pro wrestling. The reality hit me hard as I began to realize that I could no longer hide behind this character “Blast” that I had created, and that “fame” no longer mattered once my wrestling career was over. My life began to spin out of control to the point that God felt the need to step in and send two men into my life that began to share stories about Jesus with me. I didn’t know how to receive what these men saying to me because of my pride and stubbornness, and more than that, I did not want to appear weak to them. Finally a year later, in November of 2002 I opened my heart to what they were sharing, I chose to give up control and I received Jesus into my life. I gave Jesus permission to love me and to lead me in every decision that I would make from that day forward. Since then, I became an Evangelist and a Pastor as I continue to do Motivational Speaking.

“Perfection is not attainable, but if we chase perfection we can catch excellence.”


To Inspire, Encourage and Empower Today's Youth

Students often lack self esteem and face tremendous peer pressure which may cause them to choose drugs, alcohol or even suicide. We work to see students experience:

  • Place (To belong and be accepted)
  • Purpose (Who am I, why am I here, where am I going)
  • Pain relief (Healing from hurts: physically, emotionally, socially and stop self-medicating)
  • Peace (Anxiety, worry, confusion)
  • Passion (Building confidence as I move forward in life)

Student Comments

Lavell 9th Grade, Nebraska- “Your speech made me want to pursue what I love to do”
Janissa 8th Grade, Nebraska- “ I love how you told us your life story, it gives me more gratitude and hope on how i can reach my own dreams”

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