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Levar Fisher


HEIGHT: 6’2”


POSITION: Outside Linebacker

COLLEGE: North Carolina State

Academic All-American
Consensus All-American Football Player
Defensive Player of the Year

Arizona Cardinals (2002-2005)

Growing up in a small town in Beaufort, North Carolina there was not much to do. Being the chubby kid of a family of eight, and often picked on I wanted a change. This was my motivation to work hard to be the very best I could be. As I started accomplishing my goals in my football career, I began to enjoy the perks that came along with success, which was popularity and women. While in college at North Carolina State, I received a letter from a man I had never met before which said he had a Word from God for me. The man showed me why I felt something was lacking in my life in spite of everything I thought I had. He showed me that I was only living for myself and if I would dedicate my Life to God, I would achieve far more than I could dream. I am now living a dedicated life while helping others.

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