Pro Disciple Missionary Sponsorship

What does my Sponsorship include?

  • Sports World Pro Disciple of your choice for the 2020-21 through 2022-23 school years
  • Up to 11 outreach programs each year reaching as many as 38,000 students per year
  • Post Semester report (Fall & Spring) reflecting the number of students reached, suicides prevented, salvations, drug and alcohol-free decisions, Crisis chat statistics, photos from the outreaches and video clip of the Pro Disciples message.
  • You will also have access for your Pro Disciple Speaker to come to your community to help support a program or personal mission you are passionate about.
  • Direct dialog with your Pro Disciple
  • Opportunity to attend school assembly programs

Sponsorship cost is $39,000 per year with a three-year commitment – Your sponsorship could impact 90,000 to 120,000 children while ensuring another 5000-7500 children will open up to share their secret struggles and get the help they need.

Upon choosing your Pro to sponsor you will be making a three-year commitment at $39,000 per year. Sponsorship can be made in a onetime payment or biannually. One-time payments are due by July 30, 2020, 2021,2022. If paying biannually then 50% is due by July 30 2021,22,23 and the balance by January 15, 2021,22,23. You will receive a sponsorship statement for your records. Sponsorships can be made by check, credit card or bank draft.

**Because this is a sponsorship program,  exclusive Corporate sponsorships  allow your company to claim your sponsorship as a tax deduction.

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