Steve Grant


HEIGHT: 6’2”


POSITION: Linebacker

COLLEGE: West Virginia University

Athletic Director’s Academic Honor Roll, 1991 & 1992
All Big East Conference, 1991 & 1992
Second Team All-American, 1992
West Virginia University MVP, 1991 & 1992
Blue Gray Game MVP, 1992
Colts Hard Nose Player of theYear, 1994

Indianapolis Colts, 1992-97
Tampa Bay Buccaneers, 1997

I stumbled through life wondering who I was. I tried to find answers in power, position, wealth, possessions, and women, only to realize the more I sought these things the emptier I felt. When I accepted Christ as my Lord and Savior, my life was no longer meaningless. I understood that God had a purpose for my life and I was significant!


“A man’s call to greatness or a woman’s call to greatness is usually to make another man or woman great”


To Inspire, Encourage and Empower Todays Youth

Students often lack self esteem and face tremendous peer pressure which may cause them to choose drugs, alcohol or even suicide. We work to see students experience:

  • Place (To belong and be accepted)
  • Purpose (Who am I, why am I here, where am I going)
  • Pain relief (Healing from hurts: physically, emotionally, socially and stop self-medicating)
  • Peace (Anxiety, worry, confusion)
  • Passion (Building confidence as I move forward in life)

Student Comments

Brandon 5th Grade, Mississippi-“Inspiring and thoughtful”
Haley 9th Grade, Virginia-“You are successful because you just bettered and made an impact on a whole lotta people