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“Your mission aligns with our Core Values and two of our Corporate Social Responsibilities tenets; Healthier Communities and Healthier Individuals.
We look forward to continuing our Partnership with Sports World.”
– Dan, Tyson Corporation
Vice President Human Resource Operations
Sioux City, Iowa Area

Over the past 40 years, Sports World speakers have encouraged over 19 million individuals throughout the education, corporate, spiritual and youth-centered markets.

Sports World has engaged the very best speakers in the Country, through our platform of former professional athletes.  Sports World has been structuring private and exclusive speaking engagements, in targeted communities around the Nation for over 40 years.

Now we are making our speakers available to the public for corporate engagements, university and college convocations, church convocations and camps, youth and YMCA camps, municipal events or other single events where a high impact and meaningful message is needed. Sports World Pro Speakers always seek to reinforce your message, whatever that is.

Sports World boasts a portfolio of nearly two dozen former professional athletes from the NFL, NBA, WNBA, Olympic and Wrestling platforms.

Because of their professional athletic backgrounds, these trained speakers are able to capture the attention of your audience – providing encouragement and effectively delivering your desired message.

Sports World provides opportunities to experience ongoing encouragement, as well as access to tools and resources to equip and empower listeners long after the event is over.

Our Pro Speakers are highly-experienced in delivering a powerful Message of Hope within the context of the following themes – curriculum-based, motivational, spiritual, educational, anti-bullying, addiction, suicide/depression.

Whatever your theme entails, our Pro Speakers will work to ensure your theme is appropriately delivered, with impact.


Watch Pro Speaker Steve Grant address students during the 2017 Opening Convocation at the University of Dubuque, Iowa.


Sports World Pro Speakers are Affordable!

As a nonprofit organization, we have low overhead and are therefore able to provide a Pro Speaker for a single day event at a cost of $2800.00, which includes all costs, no surprises. The Pro Speaker can present up to 2 times in a single day.

Our available speakers include:

Wesley Fluellen - NBA
Tom Gilles - Pro Snowboarder
Andre Fluellen - NFL
Ray McElroy - NFL
Leah Amico - Olympian
Steve Grant - NFL
Lee Rouson - NFL
Ken Johnson - NFL
Jeff Neal - NFL
Rushia Brown - WNBA
Ruthie Bolton - Women's Basketball

**If required, additional days or presentations can be structured at a small added cost - please contact us at 800-832-6546 or email us at [email protected] for a custom speaking fee quote.

What They're Saying

My church was bless to have one of Sports World pro speakers to attend and speak at our mid week service. I must actually say I was greatly impress to know that a professional athlete has such a powerful testimony. It was great experience that me and my church was truly bless.

Kingdom Builders Church – Bishop Renaldo Kyles, Pastor

The “Path to Success” Lunch and Learn programs are designed specifically for OUR Tyson team members to get to know our Leadership Team better.

We appreciate the opportunity to be included/involved. Your mission aligns with our Core Values and two of our Corporate Social Responsibilities tenets; Healthier Communities and Healthier Individuals. We look forward to continuing our Partnership with Sports World.

Thanks – Dan

Tyson Corporation, SD (Chip Minton and Todd Jadlow – Pro Speakers)

Jimmie did a fantastic job! He connected with the students right away and held their attention through his talk. The ‘adults’ who attended, enjoyed it as well. He’s the best we’ve had in the last three years.

Thanks for all your help! – Lafawn

Lindsey Wilson College, KY (Jimmie Bell – Pro Speaker)

As a Corporate Chaplain, I was excited to organize a Lunch and Learn forum for our Dakota Dunes and Dakota City team members! As a Faith-friendly company, it was a great opportunity to reach out to our team members with a message of hope. Chip Minton and Todd Jadlow were inspiring, motivational and intentional about sharing their faith and talking about how Jesus Christ changed their life!

Brenda, Chaplain

Tyson Foods, SD (Todd Jadlow and Chip Minton – Pro Speakers)
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