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Stop the Violence Campaign

Open your eyes and realize … You have a voice … Choose life!

Those words are lyrics from a song written and recorded by teens in Cleveland, Ohio. But they aren’t just singing; they are begging and pleading for an end to the violence destroying their families and their community.

Their friends are dying. They are crying out in grief—and in fear!
Last year alone, 22 juveniles died from gunshot wounds.
41 juveniles were arrested for homicide.

Sports World has been called in to help.

Our Pros have already spoken in several schools this year. Now we have been asked to join 17 churches
and over 200 volunteers in the Stop the Violence Campaign beginning March 27. Beginning next week, Sports World Pros will be speaking in an additional 17 schools in Cuyahoga County, culminating in an evangelistic outreach to youth May 1st and 2nd .

This is a unique opportunity for us to saturate a community
with The Message of Hope and the Gospel of Jesus Christ!

We have already invested over $6,000, and we need to raise $19,000 more to cover costs for this
campaign. Put simply—we just don’t have the funds. We need your help to make this happen! What could possibly be a better way to spend our money than saving the lives of our children and stopping an epidemic of youth violence?

Will you please help?

  • First, by praying that God will protect these children and teens and will begin now to prepare their hearts for the message they will hear.
  • Second, by asking God how much He wants you to give to enable Sports World to bring that
    message of the Hope found only in Jesus to these kids?

We can’t do this without you!

You can also mail a check to Sports World Ministries, 1919 S. Post Rd., Indianapolis, IN 46239.

Thank you in Jesus’ name for being part of helping these kids “Choose Life!”—both now and for eternity!

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