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During our first 42 years, Sports World reported financials based on a fiscal year dated July 1 – June 30. At the end of 2020, we changed our fiscal year to a calendar year.

Sports World relies on the generous gifts of our supporters and Trustees to bring The Message of Hope to young people. Analysis of the last decade shows a fairly stable pattern of General, Program, and Trustee giving, with an undue dependence on Trustee giving. Despite peaks in 2014-15 and 2018-19, even Trustee giving shows a downward trend over the decade, reflecting a sense of fatigue.

New strategies implemented during 2018-19 increased our average program giving from just $2134 to $6000. The Pro Sponsorship Program, implemented in 2020 is helping to fill the gap between Program giving and Program cost.

In 2021, General giving increased, exceeding Trustee giving for the first time in a decade. Also during 2021, contributions exceeded operational costs for the first time in several years.

Beginning in 2018-19, we have implemented creative cost-reduction strategies. In 2021, we launched a robust social media outreach program that has reduced our cost per student by 9,895% compared to the average cost in the previous 2 fiscal years.

Like most non-profit organizations, the Covid-19 pandemic has presented us with unique challenges. However, our cost reduction efforts along with increased giving have positioned the ministry to make progress toward our goal of financial stability, which we define as a supporting donor base capable of funding 100% of our operating and program costs, allowing Trustee contributions to support new growth that will enable us to reach youth across our entire nation.

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Sports World relies on the faithful support of our donors to help us bring The Message of Hope to young people. Please join our team!

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