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Email Testimonial from Quintin Shepherd, Superintendent Linmar School Corp, Cedar Rapids IA.

Imagine what it means to literally change the course of a person’s life… that is what Sports World has done. Close your eyes and imagine the life of a teenage student who has not connected in a meaningful way with any adult. Imagine not having someone who you can share your dreams with. Can you imagine a teenager who cannot talk with an adult about their greatest fears? Who do they turn to? Where do they go? Any number of kids feel like they are in this situation as they work through those difficult teen years. We recently had Sports World come and visit with our High School students and the remarkable connection this athlete had on our students is beyond words and defies comprehension. As a result of the visit, several students came forward to share personal tragedies and even triumphs in their lives… but that is the story of many and I want you to know the story of just one. For one student in the audience that day, it is my firmly held belief that we stopped what could have been a life ending tragedy. Sports World helped our school find an adult to connect deeply with this student and thus, changed the course of their life. There are not many times where we can say we were able to save a life, but the Sports World program gives us that opportunity! I hope you will support this effort, on behalf of our community and our kids who need us most!

What other Administrators are saying about our program and speakers

Allania Moore, James Madison Elementary School, Chicago, IL
“We appreciated the one-on-one interaction with our students, some students responded that Mr. Rouson was real”

Marty McClain, Teacher and FCA Sponsor, Southside Middle School, Muncie, IN
“Speaker showed honesty and care towards the students”

Tim Hulihan, Principal, Stillwater Elementary, Stillwater, NY
“Loved the personal stories he told and the choices he made allowed him to prosper”

Alexandra Connally, Yonkers Middle High School, Yonkers, NY
“The Speaker connected to the audience, it was amazing”

Darrell Langley, School Counselor, Perry Creek Elementary, Sioux city, Iowa
“Great connection with the students, the speaker was very well spoken”

Jason McVoy, Principle, Oak Ridge High School, Muskegon, MI
“Chip has so much positive energy, no improvements necessary”

“We appreciated the one-on-one interaction with our students, some students responded that Mr. Rouson was real.”

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Why We Do It

There has been, on average, 1 school shooting every week this year nationally.

For every teen who commits suicide, 100-200 of their peers contemplate suicide.

Nationally between 500,000 and 1 million young people attempt suicide each year.

It is time to take action!

Coach Dungy speaks about today’s youth

The Message of Hope

Every Sports World Pro will share his or her own personal life story. At the beginning of the program they will share about their life and how they became a professional athlete. They share the ups and downs of their life and career with funny stories and real life experiences. The good, the bad and the ugly. Towards the end of their message they share how they overcame obstacles and challenges in their life through their faith in God and his ability to help them overcome the problems of everyday life. (This portion of the talk will be approximately 2-3 minutes long.) Our speakers share their story in the third person, they know what they can say and how they can say it in a public setting. They are professional, experienced speakers who desire to encourage students. Click here for helpful information regarding our message

Sports World wants to be able to return to your school year after year with different speakers, so students can hear many different life experiences. Our desire is to open doors for long term relationships with schools and local students.

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