Crisis Chat


The summer months are here — and with it, the slowest financial time of the year for Sports World. And what’s worse, we are already running over 30% behind budget.

Will you (1) PRAY and (2) please help as generously as you can so we can continue helping young people over the summer and into the fall?

Your gift today can be DOUBLED by a 100% CHALLENGE MATCH on all gifts given to help where needed most this summer – up to $50,000!

This is a great way to leverage your gift to help even more young people hear about Jesus and make great choices for their lives.

“I recently went on a 3-day trip to New Jersey where I got to speak 8 different times. I spoke to a couple of private high schools, a public elementary school, and a CEF Good News Club of kids 8-10 years old. Next, I was able to speak to adults at Millwood, a manufacturing plant. Many of them did not speak English, but through an interpreter, I was able to share with them the hope that can only be found in a relationship with Jesus. As I was leaving the plant late that night, I just thanked God for all that He is doing.

What other group is able to share the Gospel with so many people from such vastly different backgrounds? And what we all have in common is this: we all need Jesus! Please pray for more opportunities and provision as we continue to go where God leads us to go.”
From Vice President and Pro Speaker Jeff Neal (April 2024)

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